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Easynet FAQs

The Easynet bundle is data plan that gives you access to a specified bundle of data of 10MB daily and 50MBweekly.
 You can get these plans by simply recharging your prepaid SIM card and dialing the appropriate USSD code.
No. you can use the Easynet plans on your phone and regular etisalat prepaid SIM card.
This is device dependent. Please note that not all USB modems support Voice Calls and SMS. However, if you are using your phone with the Easynet data plans, you may still be able to make/receive calls and SMS.
When your bundle is finished you will go back to your Pay-As-You-Go Rate.
 With Easynet, you can check your data balance. Just dial *228# on your phone or Easynet Modem and your balance and validity of your data plan will be displayed.
  • If you don't have a monthly data plan, you'll automatically have the PAYG rate applied if you use data on your mobile.
  • When you travel overseas and use roaming data, different rates apply.
  • Unused data can be carried over to the by purchasing addition data bundle.