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Promo FAQs

What is the 30% Data Bonus promo all about?
This promo rewards subscribers who purchase or renew any easyblaze plan with 30% data bonus

What are the easyblaze plans?
The plans are 200MB, 500MB, 1.5GB, 3GB, 6GB and Night & Weekend

How do I get the 30%  Data Bonus?
If you are currently not using easyblaze, you simply buy any of the easyblaze plans and you get the data bonus; or if you have an active easyblaze subscription, just ensure you have enough airtime in your account for auto-renewal to take place and the bonus will be given on renewal

Does the 30% Data Bonus extend my validity beyond the 30-day period?
No, the 30% data bonus does not extend the data plan validity beyond the 30-day period

Can I use bonus airtime to purchase a data plan?
No, airtime bonus cannot be used to purchase data plans or renew data plans

Will I get a 30% Bonus if I buy either the daily or weekly plans?
No, offer applies to only 3G data plans: 200MB, 500MB, Night & Weekend, 3GB and 6GB.

How do I check my data balance?
Check by simply dialing *228# from your device.

Is the 30%Data Bonus a one-time single offer?
No, you will always get 30% instant data bonus every time you buy any 3G plan

What is the USB bundle promo all about?
The USB data bundle offer is available to everyone. It offers you a USB modem, etisalat SIM and free 2GB data bundle for a significantly discounted price of N6,500.

How long is the 2GB data bundle valid for?
The 2GB Bundle is a onetime bonus offer valid for 30-days. However the subscriber will be able to buy any Easyblaze plan even while the 2GB bonus plan is active.
How long does the promo last for?
The offer will be available to everyone from 17th November 2011 till Jan 2012.

Does the 2GB Data bundle support rollover or auto-renewal?
No, neither rollover nor auto-renewal is allowed.

Do I need to pay for a data SIM to enjoy the promo?
No, the promo offers you (USB modem + SIM + 2G) all for just N6,500.

How can I get access to this offer?
Simply visit any of our experience centres or shop for further information.

Smartphone Data Plan FAQs
  • There are specific codes for each of the data bundles; simply text "HELP" to "229" to have the codes sent to you free of charge.
  • To check your data balance, dial *228#
  • Except for the 50MB, which is a daily plan, all other easyblaze plans are valid for 30 days.
  • Each plan has 30 days validity.
  • Each plan has 30 days validity
  • At the end of the 30 days, your plan is auto-renewed, provided you have enough balance to pay for the data
  • Upon successful auto-renewal, the unused data balance from the previous month is automatically rolled over.
    In other words, the unused balance is added to the auto-renewed balance and the total balance will be valid for 30 days.
  • Also, if you purchase another data plan before your current bundle expires, it rolls over the existing balance of the current bundle.
  • Etisalat is also offering the "Facebook Data Bundle" and the "Smartphone Voice Plan"
  • How to enjoy these services :

Facebook Data Plan Text "HELP" to "229"
Smartphone Voice Plan Text "HELP" to "8183"
Easyblaze FAQs
The easyblaze plans provide you high speed access to the internet. They work on our brand new state of the art data network built with HSPA+ technology.
Easyblaze broadband Internet access often shortened to just "broadband", is a high data rate connection to the Internet
The new features are:
  • Auto-renewal: Automatic renewal allows subscribers to purchase any of our data plans, as long as the subscriber has sufficient airtime credit in his account.
  • Data Roll-Over: This allows a subscriber to rollover unused MB of the current data plan provided a new data purchase can be made before the end of validity period of the unused or active data plan.
  • Product speed cap: Ability to apply cap on the speed per product and PAYG speed cap.

HSPA+ technology as deployed by etisalat has a top speed threshold of 42Mbps. However, the actual speeds you can achieve will depend on several factors, such as:

  • Environmental Conditions
  • Signal Strength
  • Coverage in your location
  • The device you are using
  • The service you are trying to access – downloads, streaming, internet browsing, etc

Most devices in the market however support top speeds of 3.6Mbps or 7.2Mbps

All you have to do with the easyblaze USB modems is put in you already registered and activated Data SIM card, install the USB software on your PC and then connect. You only have to install the software once and the modem is auto-detected by your PC every time you put it in.
To share your Easyblaze connection, you need to purchase either a MiFi Router (supports up to 5 users) or our wireless routers (supports up to 20 users). Once you put your data SIM card and set it up, you can share your connection.
All new and existing pre-paid and post-paid subscribers can benefit from these plans and features upon purchase of the 3.75G data plans.
You can get these plans by simply recharging your prepaid SIM card and dialing the appropriate Subscription Code or via SMS Keywords.
New post-paid subscribers can be activated by visiting the shops or call the customer care ‘200’ while an existing subscriber can use any of the subscription codes to activate any of the data plans.

Data plan

Subscription code

SMS keyword










Night & Weekend









Existing subscribers need to use the applicable codes in order to subscribe to easyblaze broadband plans.
No.  You can use easyblaze broadband plans on your phone and regular etisalat prepaid SIM card.
This is device dependent. Please note that not all USB modems support Voice Calls and SMS. However, if you are using your phone with the 3G data plans, you may still be able to make/receive calls and SMS.
Yes, all the activities listed above are charged for, irrespective of the options you are using i.e. the pay as you go option or a data bundle.
Simply dial *228# to confirm your data balance.
Texts “help” to “229”, and then follow through, the instruction.
To opt out of any active data plan you can use the subscription code (*229*0#) or SMS stop to 229.
When your plan is finished you will go back to your Pay-As-You-Go rate at 5kobo/kb.
Elite world and Galaxy TAB Postpaid subscribers can currently purchase (this will either come out of any airtime credit or show up on your monthly bill) any of the easyblaze data plans using the USSD codes in the table below:


Data Size


Subscription Codes



Monthly  ( Flex )





 30 days





30 days





30 days





30 days





30 days

Night & Weekend ( 9PM -7AM)





30 days

Texts “help” to “227”, and then follow through, the instruction.
To opt out of any active data plan you can use the subscription code (*227*0#) or SMS stop to 227.
You can migrate between plans, migration from one plan to another plan can take place mid cycle but then you will still be billed for the current and the new data plan at the end of the current bill cycle.

For example, a mid-cycle migration from 1.5GB (600MB data balance) to 6GB data plan should result into:

  • 6.6GB data balance at mid cycle
  • Current bill cycle invoice for 1.5GB and 6GB data plan
  • Subsequent monthly data push of 6GB
  • Subsequent month bill cycle invoice for 6GB data plan.