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BlackBerry FAQs

This is the Blackberry service from etisalat Nigeria providing the world-class Blackberry service to new and existing subscribers of etisalat Nigeria. This service provides on-the-go access to personal/corporate email, internet services, instant messaging and business/lifestyle applications.
  • Receive and send mails using up to 10 email accounts: yahoo mail, MSN/Hotmail, ISP-provided email, gmail/googlemail, Handheld Email Address: set up a BIS account from the handheld browser userid@etisalatng.blackberry.com
  • View attachments in multiple formats: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Text, Adobe (pdf), HTML, Images (.gif, .jpg, .bmp), Zip
  • Browse the internet at top speed
  • Chat using the most popular Instant Messaging communities (Googletalk and MSN)
  • Chat with any other Blackberry user globally using the Blackberry Messenger
For the latest devices selling at our experience centers visit the Blackberry device page on the website or click on http://www.etisalat.com.ng/blackberry/blackberry_device.php
Click here to find a list of our Experience Centers.
Etisalat offers the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) to individuals; Blackberry Enterprise Service Plus (BES Plus) and Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES) to corporate customers.
Yes. However you must be sure that your device is not locked to the network the device was bought from. etisalat will not provide support for devices not bought from its authorized outlets therefore customers need to ensure their devices are compatible with the etisalat network before activating the service.
Except for Etisalat BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) and BlackBerry Enterprise Service Plus (BES+); the following are the additional plans available from etisalat.
  • Daily BIS
  • Weekly BIS
Please visit the Blackberry section of the etisalat Nigeria corporate website for the most up to date prices for the Blackberry plans.
Pick the desired plan you want from the table below and dial the corresponding USSD code or send the corresponding sms key word to the short code.








BlackBerry Absolute

Daily *399*5# *499*5# N/A N100 24hours
Weekly *399*6# *499*6# N/A N500 7Days
Monthly *399*1# *499*1# BIS N1,500 30Days


Daily N/A *499*3*2# COD N100 24hours
Weekly N/A *499*3*1# COW N500 7Days
Monthly N/A *499*3# COM N1,000 30Days

 Visit any etisalat shop

N6,000 30Days
  • The network alerts you of service suspension 3 days before, 2 days before and on your due date
  • If you have the required subscription in your account, the service is auto-renewed for another 30 days
  • If you have less than the subscription fee, your account is suspended until you recharge to the required value
  • Upon recharge to the required subscription amount, service is automatically restored for another cycle
  • Call Customer Care on 200.
  • You may also call 200 for any other issues that you may have using your Blackberry
  • You can walk into any of the etisalat experience centres to lodge a complaint about your Blackberry service
  • If you bought it from our authorized outlets, your device comes with a 12-month warranty valid for all non-willful damage faults
  • Walk into any of our experience centers and lodge a complaint with the staff
  • The staff will do some trouble-shooting to ascertain what the fault is and if it can be immediately resolved
  • If the fault falls under warranty, a replacement device will be issued to you
  • If the fault is adjudged to be willful damage, you will bear the repair costs and be advised of the repair associated timelines (6 weeks)
Dial *244*1# or *244*2# to migrate to Easycliq or Easy Starter respectively @ the cost of N100.
The Blackberry Voice plans from etisalat allows subscribers enjoy 20k/sec voice tariff to all networks in Nigeria with no daily access fee while with the regular BlackBerry plans subscribers call at the default voice tariff rate of 50k/sec.
To enjoy lower call rates on the regular BlackBerry service subscriber will have to opt-in to Easylife 1.0 or 2.o to make calls at 25k/sec and 20k/sec respectively with daily access fee charged.
With the Blackberry voice plan you have access to the regular Blackberry Service and also enjoy discounted voice tariff of 20k/second to all network with no daily access charge.
To deactivate any of your plans, dial *399*2# from your Blackberry device and wait for the confirmation of your status.
The Blackberry voice plan is currently available on BlackBerry Absolute and Complete, you can either subscribe to Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
No you will not be charged any daily access fee.
No, the service is only available to all etisalat pre-paid subscribers.
No, once you migrate from your current Blackberry plan to the voice plan you lose your validity and it starts counting all over again.
The package has NO form of freebies – BOIC, You and Me, unlimited SMS, free midnight calls or any other promotion or benefit on the network.
No, International calls will still be charged at the default rate.
SMS will be charged at the default rates.
No, once your service validity expires and you don’t renew the plan, your calls will be charged at 50k/sec.
Subscriber is able to setup only 1 web email address aside from the blackberry email address.
Subscriber can setup 1 web email address and one blackberry email address with the Complete.
Subscriber is able to setup 10 web email addresses and one blackberry email address.
Yes, with any of the BlackBerry plans, subscriber can surf the internet with the allocated BlackBerry data size.
Yes, with the complete plan you have access to all the messaging and social network platforms.
The following data caps have been implemented on the BlackBerry plans.




1 Daily 50MB
2 Weekly 500MB
3 Monthly 3GB
Dial *399*2# from your BlackBerry device and wait for the confirmation of your status.