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Ujoke FAQs

Ujoke is a subscription based service that allows customers to post, read, rate and share jokes.
Subscription rate is either N50 per Week or N10 per day.
Send SUB to 38492 and get URL(http://services.elseji.com/ujoke) to download, install and launch the application to subscribe and start enjoying the App.

No, you would not be charged when you send SUB to 38492 but you only get the link (http://services.elseji.com/ujoke) to download the App.

When you start the Ujoke App for the first time, the App gives you one week free trial. After the expiration of the trial period the App commences billing by determining whether to bill you on a weekly subscription if you have a balance of up to N50 or to bill you N10 daily if you have less than N50.
Yes, the Ujoke subscription auto-renews daily or weekly depending on the subscription plan you are running.
Just maintain a minimum airtime balance of N50 and the App will automatically change to N50 weekly plan.
Just keep airtime balance less than N50 but greater than N10. And the App will automatically change to N10 daily plan.
Send the word STOP to 38492
Yes, internet connection is required.
Yes, Ujoke only needs internet connection, either wifi or operator data.
You only need to send a message to the free short code 38492 and you will receive the URL that will direct you to download the app.
Ujoke App was developed to run on Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Java mobile OS.