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SIM Registration FAQs

No, registration is free
For an existing subscriber, you do not need your SIM Card/SIM certificate; however, the SIM Registration Officer will have to call the number to ensure a valid registration is being done. But for a new SIM card, (a SIM Card that has not been activated). You’ll need either your SIM card or a SIM certificate to validate your ownership of the number(s) you wish to register.
3 minutes
It is a new Federal Government (NCC) requirement for the use of a mobile number in Nigeria. It will also enable Etisalat manage its subscriber base.
Age is a requirement that must be provided by a subscriber during registration. Yes it is compulsory.
As a new subscriber, if you do not register your line at the point of purchase, you will not be able to make calls or send SMS though you will be able to receive calls and SMS. However, at the expiration of a 30-day grace period, you will be barred from incoming and outgoing activity (voice and SMS). You can however go to any Etisalat Experience Centre or any of our other registration outlets and register the line to complete your activation. But for existing subscribers, no deadline has been set yet for termination of registration.
A deadline has not yet been announced by the regulatory authorities.
Yes, registering for someone else is possible but you are responsible for what the person does with the line.
Simply visit any of our Experience Centres, Authorised Dealers or kiosks around you.
The NCC requirement for proxy states immediate family members only.
Yes. You have to register for every line you buy or own
A list of registration outlets can be found on the Etisalat Website.
There are no stated benefits other than the fulfilment of the requirement for using a mobile line in Nigeria.
SIM registration does not affect the SIM swap process. You will still be required to provide all the usual information required to swap your SIM successfully.