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How to Submit a Proposal

We are always looking for exciting new platforms and experiences to bring to our audience. Our goal is ultimately to find ways to meaningfully connect with our subscribers and market. If you feel you have an interesting proposal we must see, let us know.

What we do not support
  • Short term opportunities. We understand that the relationship between a sponsor and a property takes time and so we are looking for opportunities that we can learn and grow over the years
  • Sponsoring Individuals
  • Religious or political activities
  • Activities unrelated to the Nigerian market
  • Opportunities that do not show a clear reason for Etisalat’s involvement.

Sending in a proposal
  • Who you are, what you stand for, what you have done
  • Description of the sponsorship property – date(s), location(s)
  • Detailed timeline of activities
  • Target audience – including relevant market research
  • Details of other confirmed sponsors and level of spsonsorship rights owned, references from past and existing sponsors
  • Media plan and partners, details of confirmed commitments
  • Details of all on-going media exposure, television, print, radio where Etisalat would receive exposure
  • Level of sponsorship sought and number of sponsors being sought
  • Sponsorship amount requested (cash and/or in-kind)
  • Benefits of sponsorship with an estimation of worth
  • Expected participation/attendance/viewing numbers
  • Specific ideas that will differentiate Etisalat and make our involvement relevant.

The completed proposal should be sent via email to sponsorships@etisalat.com.ng

Proposals for the coming year should be submitted prior to October of the current financial year.
Thank you and we look forward to potentially building a relationship.