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FAQ: Easyflex

  • Easyflex is another package from etisalat available via migration from any of the existing prepaid packages.
  • On Easyflex; there are 3 different Flex bundles, based on price points that can be purchased by subscribers upon migration.
  • Subscribers on Easyflex can also enjoy the following services: Receiver Pays, Blackberry Services and Data Plans.
  • Customers on easy starter (0809Uchoose, Handset bundle), easy cliq (Handset bundle), Talkzone, Blackberry voice plan, Easylife 3.0 and Easy Business can migrate to Easyflex and enjoy this rewarding proposition
  • However, Easyflex is not available to customers on enuff yarn+, eliteworld (prepaid and postpaid) and Classic postpaid.
  • Simply dial *344*Easyx#. Where x=1000, 500 & 300. For example, *344*easy1000#
  • While migration into Easyflex is free, you will be required to pay the flexi bundles price of N1000, N500 and N300.
  • You will also be notified upon successful migration into Easyflex.
  • You can confirm whether you have opted into the plan or not by dialing *244*3#.
  • You can migrate from Easyflex to other prepaid packages:
    - To migrate to Easy Starter: Dial *244*2#
    - To migrate to Easy Cliq: Dial *244*1#
    - To migrate to Talkzone: Dial *244*8#
    - To migrate to Easylife: Dial *420*1#
  • Note that: While migration to Easyflex is free (though bundle price of N1000, N500 and N300 will be deducted) migration out will attract a fee of N100 per migration request subject to the destination package.
Easyflex Bundles
  • Easyflex bundles are services available to only Easyflex subscribers.
  • This is a voice service that offers you discounted rates in different packs for as low as 40k per second.
  • They are available in four (3) different variants; N1000, N500 & N300.
These bundles are only available on the Easyflex package.
  • Simply recharge your account accordingly and dial the appropriate Easyflex bundle code.
  • The short codes are as follows;
    Dial *344*x#. x=1000, 500 & 300.
  • For example; if you want to buy Easyflex Bundle 1000 which is N1000, simply recharge your account with at least N1000 and then dial *344*1000#.
  • You will immediately receive notification to let you know if it was successful or not.
  • If you buy a N1000 bundle you will be rewarded with N1500 bonus instantly and your Flex bundle account will be credited with N2500 valid for 14 days.
  • If you buy N500 you will be rewarded with N750 bonus instantly and your Flex bundle account will be credited with N1250 valid for 7 days..
  • If you buy N300 you will be rewarded with N300 bonus instantly and your Flex bundle account will be credited with N600 valid for 7 days.
  • Yes. You can use the Easyflex bundle account to call and send SMS to other networks
  • You can also use it to call USA, Canada, UK (fixed), India and China at 20k/sec while other international destinations rates are charged according to the respective zone rates.
  • Furthermore, you can use the Easyflex bundle account to accept receiver pays call.
  • You also enjoy discounted call tariff on the Easyflex bundle account different from your main tariff plan; Easyflex.
  • No. You only have to ensure you have the bundle price in your account on or before the expiry date and your bundle will automatically renew.
  • Upon successful renewal your Easyflex bundle account will be credited accordingly.
  • However, if there is any balance remaining in your Easyflex bundle account before renewal, it will NOT be rolled over upon successful renewal.
  • Also, upon unsuccessful auto renewal, all calls and SMS will be at the default tariff/main tariff plan; Easyflex.
  • Simply dial *344*0#, you will immediately receive a notification that you have successfully unsubscribed to Easyflex bundles.
  • However, you are still on Easyflex package and calls and SMS will be charged at the default tariff.
Service Management
Description USSD Commands SMS Commands
To migrate in Dial *344*X #, where X =1000, 500 & 300 Send X to 344
To migrate out Dial *344*0# Send OFF to 344
Querying Balance Dial *232# N/A