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Easy Business FAQs

Easy business is a new stand-alone prepaid service offered by Etisalat for SME market. It offers subscribers CUG features- free minutes, SMS and data- for payment of monthly fees.
You can either join as a new subscriber by purchasing a minimum of 3 Easy Business lines from our experience centers, or as an existing prepaid customer by migrating a minimum of 3 prepaid lines to the Easy Business product.
Migration to easy business is only from existing prepaid subscribers - Easy Cliq, Easy starter and SME prepaid to any of the variants and is via a migration code. A fee will be charged for migration and the subscriber must have enough credit to pay for the monthly fee of that variant before migration is successful.
  • *246*4*1# to migrate to easybusiness premium costs N1000
  • *246*4*2# to migrate to easybusiness complete costs N1000
  • *246*4*3# to migrate to easybusiness compact cost N500
There are three variants on the Easy Business package, each with varying CUG offerings: Premium, Complete and Compact.
Each variant comes with varying free CUG offerings
  • Premium - Unlimited free CUG mins. 100 free CUG sms
    (with a fair usage policy of 1000 mins)
  • Complete - 50 free CUG SMS’, 150 free CUG minutes and 100MB data
  • Compact - 150 free CUG minutes
Switching between variants can be done by dialing the appropriate code. The switch however will take effect immediately and the subscriber is not charged for switching between variants. All services accrued to the previous variant will be added to those of the new variant once the switching is successful.
*246*4* < Variant Code > #, where 1 is for Premium, 2 is for Complete, 3 is for Compact
A variant change takes effect immediately and all unused freebies (minutes and SMS) from the previous variant will be added to those of the new variant.
By dialing the code *246*5#, the subscriber can confirm which variant he is on.
CUG, short for Closed User Group, comprises a number of MSISDN’s existing in a group and can share certain benefits within that group
  • Only a subscriber on Easy Business can create a CUG and the subscriber creating the CUG must not already belong to another CUG group, otherwise the activation will fail. This subscriber is known as the primary subscriber.
  • The primary subscriber dials the USSD code *303# and gets a confirmation message ““Dear customer, your CUG was created successfully. Your CUG ID is XXXX. To add more member to your group ask the intending member to send JOIN XXXX to 303”
  • To join a CUG you must be on Easy Business.
  • The Easy Business subscriber sends ‘join CUGID’ to 303 and a confirmation notification will be received saying “Dear Customer you have been added successfully to the group ‘CUG Name’ with ‘CUG ID’.
Yes, you can query the subscriber can query the CUG he belongs to by sending ‘query’ to 303. The subscribe gets a notification returning the CUG name and ID the subscriber belongs to.
To remove a member from a CUG send ‘remove CUGID’ to 303. The subscriber receives a notification that he has been removed from the CUG.
  • Only the primary subscriber with the primary MSISDN can change/update the name of the CUG. The primary subscriber sends ‘update CUGID CUG Name’ to 303.
  • Once the request is successful the subscriber gets a notification message including the new CUG Name and the CUG ID
By dialing the code *232#, the subscriber receives an SMS notification confirming the amount of free minutes the subscriber has.
These are the free CUG offerings in the form of free minutes, data and SMS’ given to subscribers on the various variants.
Only the Data variant offers 100MB free data for browsing on Easy Business
Purchase of free CUG minutes and SMS can be done via the following USSD codes:
  • *304*1# - Unlimited free CUG mins. 100 free CUG sms Cost: 1,000 Naira
  • *304*2# - 150 CUG Minutes, 50 CUG SMS and 100MB Cost: 1000 Naira
  • *304*3# - 150 CUG Minutes Cost: 500 Naira
It is an appendage service to the Easy Business package available to customers who buy the Gaga smartphones from the Etisalat shops and retail outlets. The subscriber will get 50MB of data free for 4 months.
You can get 50MB free data for 4 months on the gaga offer

You can opt out of Easy Business to any other prepaid product by dialing the opt-out code of the prepaid package you want to migrate to.
Easy Business to Easy Cliq- Dial *244*1#
Easy Business to Easy Starter- Dial *244*2#
Easy Business to Talk Zone- Dial *244*8#
Easy Business to Easy Life- Dial *320*1#
Easy Business to Elite World Prepaid- Dial *244*4*MMP#

Activation bonus is N1000 given to a new subscriber to Easy Business. The bonus can be used to pay for voice, data or SMS.
Monthly fees are the monthly subscription fees to a variant a subscriber has to pay upfront in order to receive the full CUG offerings of the variant. It has to be paid monthly by the first day of the month to receive the full CUG offerings of the variant.
  • Easy Business Premium – N1000
  • Easy Business Complete- N1000
  • Easy Business Compact – N500