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Do you use more than one device to get onto the internet? Do you run separate data plans on each of your devices? If yes, then the Multi-Device Plan is just the convenience you need! With this plan, you can buy a data plan on your smartphone, and draw on data for up to four more devices. So, for example, you can have the following devices all on the same multi-device plan:

  • A smartphone for calls and browsing
  • A tablet for heavier browsing and downloads
  • A USB modem for connecting your laptop
  • A camera with a SIM slot for instant uploads onto sites like Instagram and Tumblr
  • A router to leave at home for the family
  • You won't need to hotspot their devices - thus saving on battery life
  • You can buy larger data plans – getting more data at a lower unit cost
  • You can use different devices in different locations and always be sure of internet connectivity
How Does it Work? - Adding Secondary Devices.
Your main smartphone should act as your PRIMARY device, which you'll use to set up the other SECONDARY devices. If you normally subscribe an Etisalat BlackBerry Plan, it is advisable to keep your primary SIM in your BlackBerry phone.
Then, you’ll need new, non-activated SIMs in order to complete the process, which must be data SIMs. Please take note of your PUK from the SIM card frame.

Note: If any of the additional devices are voice-enabled, they will ring once calls are made to your number!!

Also valid for smaller data bundles.

Visit any Etisalat Experience Center, and our retail advisors and geeks will help you get all your devices working on the Multi-Device Plan!