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Get more done, on Easyblaze! Take advantage of our fast and stable broadband service to enjoy a richer online experience at your favourite sites. Subscribe now!


More easyblaze for less!

The bonus on your 500MB bundle just got bigger! Enjoy a whopping 100% bonus when you buy a 500MB data plan. That’s 1GB for just N2000! Dial *229*2*2# to opt-in

Enjoy the speed of our 3.75HSPA+ network in all the major cities across Nigeria

Click here for a list of our Experience Centers nationwide

Service Cost To Subscribe
(via SMS)
Text to 229
To Subscribe
(via USSD)
1. Monthly Plans for Tablets & Modems.

Choose a plan below for your devices or add it to your Easycliq, Easystarter, Easyflex or Easylife package.
200MB Plan N1,000 MB2 *229*2*1# 30 days
1 GB Plan N2,000 MB3 *229*2*2# 30 days
1.5GB Plan N4,000 MB4 *229*2*4# 30 days
3GB Plan N6,500 MB5 *229*2*3# 30 days
6GB Plan N8,000 MB6 *229*2*5# 30 days
10GB Plan N10,000 SM1 *229*4*1# 30 days
15GB Plan N15,000 SM2 *229*4*2# 30 days
20GB Plan N18,000 SM3 *229*4*3# 30 days
Please note: Valid for 30 days. Auto-renewal & data rollover apply
Enjoy a 30% bonus on all plans from 200mb – 6GB.
2. Other Plans
Mobile Daily Plan (10MB) N100 MI1 *229*3*1# Daily
Mobile Weekly Plan (50MB) N500 MI2 *229*3*4# 7 days
Night & Weekend Plan (3GB) N4,000 MB7 *229*3*3# 30 days
100GB Plan N84,992 SM5 *229*4*5# 30 days
Quaterly Plan (30GB) N27,500 4M *229*5*1# 90 days
Bi-annual Plan (60GB) N55,000 6M *229*5*2# 120 days
Annual Plan (120GB) N110,000 12M *229*5*3# 365 days
Please note: Auto-renewal applies No data rollover on Daily Plan
Night & Weekend Period: 9PM – 6AM weekdays & all weekend

3. Smartphone Data Plans

Monthly Plans for Smartphones
Voice calls at 20k/sec to all local networks.

To Subscribe
(via SMS)
Text to 8183

To Subscribe
(via USSD)
200MB Voice Plan N1,000 Smarta *229*2*11# 30 days
500MB Voice Plan N2,000 Smartb *229*2*22# 30 days
1.5GB Voice Plan N4,000 Smartc *229*2*44# 30 days
3GB Voice Plan N6,500 Smartd *229*2*33# 30 days
6GB Voice Plan N8,000 Smarte *229*2*55# 30 days
Please note: Valid for 30 days. Auto-renewal & data rollover apply
30% Bonus apples to all plans from 200mb – 6GB.
Opt Out Code Simply Dial *229*0#

All plans are valid for prepaid and postpaid customers.

Add-on Data Plans
  • Multi-device Plan: Enjoy one data bundle on your smartphone, tablet. Click Here
  • Easyblaze Value Pack: Enjoy a 100% bonus on your data plan, for use at off-peak times Click Here
  • Data Recharge Card: Load data the easier way with a direct recharge voucher Click Here